22 March 2006


Malaria is the biggest killer in Africa! Almost everyone who lives here will, at some point in his or her life, get it. Treatment is simple, take the medication and go to bed. On Monday, one of our wards at the Lighthouse, turned 14. He also came down with an acute case of malaria. We had him tested by our family physician who determined that he had stage 3 malaria. The doctor was concerned that it would move to his brain and cause cerebral malaria which is usually fatal and if not can cause brain damage.

We took Dickson to the hospital and the doctor there started him on an i.v. of quinine. Nothing is quite so heart rending as seeing an active child brought to his knees by such a debilitating disease. This afternoon when we went to visit our boy, we found that the i.v. tube had twisted and pinched close in three places meaning that the medicine was not moving into his blood stream. We alerted the nurse on duty who corrected the situation. Sadly, she should have noticed this much earlier in the day and we would have seen a marked improvement by the time of our visit. Please pray for Dickson and for those caring for him at the hospital.

This morning we received four boxes of books for inclusion in the Christian Resource Centre. It is always exciting when these kinds of surprises arrive. We have begun sorting through the books to determine what goes where. A very special thank you to Judy in Florida for her gift of love.

This weekend I am traveling to South Africa for a review of my cancer surgery back in August 2005. There has been no noticeable change or additional growths, but the surgeon wants to take a look every few months just to make sure that there is a progressive recovery. We would appreciate your prayers for a safe trip down and back and an "all clear" from the oncologist.

Sherry has been keeping busy in the Resource Centre. A number of young people have been paying her visits, asking questions about various life issues as well as enrolling in the Source of Light correspondence program. Pray for the young people as they seek answers to issues that affect them in their daily walk. Pray also for the many temptations that face today's youth. Whether in the United States or Zambia, peer pressure and temptation is all the same. May we be able to provide a safe harbor for those who wish to keep on the straight and narrow.

We wish to thank you for your continued prayers. We greatly value your partnership.

In His Service,

Patrick & Sherry

15 March 2006

Spreading Grace

Only two books in the Bible are named after a woman. One does not specifically mention the name of God, but both exemplify His redemptive grace. In Esther the existence of the people of Israel is preserved because of the courage of a young woman found in the right place at the right time with doing the right thing. In Ruth we see the courage of another woman who chose to leave her comfort and customs of her pagan nation to follow the ways of the Lord God and take His nation as Her nation.

The village of Kasongo is one that continues to be steeped in the practice and fear of witchcraft. Unfortunately, this transcends even to those in the Church. I have received an invitation to go to Kasongo in a couple of weeks to teach and preach in one of the small fellowships. It is their hope that my presence and testimony might be a means of strength to the believers. Please pray that hearts and minds might be prepared for my visit and that the people might turn from idols to the One True God.

In the English speaking work at Luanshya the Sunday School will be studying The Book That Last Forever. They will focus beyond the inspiration aspect to the preservation, translation and interpretation of God’s Word through the centuries. We hope to see the children come to a broader realization that God's Word will never fade away (Mark 13:31). Pray for the Sunday School and for Sherry as she teaches them the truths of the Word.

Sherry received a phone call from a former student and user of the Christian Resource Centre. He lived in Luanshya several years ago until he was employed one of the international banks and was moved to Lusaka. He now manages one of the banking departments. Kayula simply wanted us to know that he missed his time in the Resource Centre and asked if he could visit us on one of the trips he makes to the Copperbelt Province. We are, of course, always to see one of our young people and to hear of their success and forward march in the Lord's service. We always find it interesting to note where our students go when they leave Luanshya. We have them scattered all over Zambia serving as lights to their local communities. Your support of the ministry makes this possible so your light shines further still.

We appreciate the part you have in our lives and ministry.

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

01 March 2006

Marching Orders

Joshua 1:18; 3 teaches us that God leads us to no waters He cannot part, no brink He cannot cross, no pain He cannot bear. Joshua was given very specific orders: "be strong," "go view," "cross over," "remember," and circumcise when he received his commendation to lead God's people into the Promised Land. This brought to mind a statement someone once made-"God specializes in dry sandals." He loves to start with an impossible situation in our lives...and then do the impossible.

When the nation of Israel approached the Jordan, God demanded a step of obedience before they could cross. The priests, like drum majors leading a three-million-member marching band, had to hike to the brink of the flood-swollen Jordan and take that first step into the water. Then-and only then-would God perform a miracle, roll back the waters, dry up the puddles, and send the people across kicking up dust at every step! Dry sandals followed trusting obedience. Where in your life is God waiting for you to take that first step of faith?

It was 8 years ago this month that we took our own leap of faith, ministry wise, by initiating a new Bible correspondence work. Having been involved with the distribution of Emmaus Bible courses for 14 years and serving as a Director, both in the USA and Zambia, we chose to try a new format and simpler yet more extensive curriculum by linking with the "Mailbox Club" also known as Source of Light Ministries based in Georgia, USA. Courses are distributed free of charge to young and old alike and we, ourselves, cover the cost as part of the agreement with Source of Light Ministries. Each student is met in person, interviewed and a relationship developed as every lesson is distributed to and collected by the student from the Christian Resource Centre which we opened also 8 years ago as a venue for the community of Christians for the purpose of personal Bible study and a venue for periodic Bible conferences and seminars.

We began the correspondence work with 25 copies of each title, not knowing how the new material would be received. To our utter amazement the stock ran out in two months time and we've never looked back! Today we have over 3,500 enrolled students in Luanshya alone, place quarterly orders for replacement and new lessons and grant Certificates of Completion on a monthly basis. Granted, some of our students have graduated, others have moved away and others have been promoted to Glory but the fact remains, in taking that step of faith, God has richly blessed His work and we have had a sense of fulfillment ever since. Many souls have either come to know Christ as their personal Saviour or grown in their faith through studying the lessons and making use of the materials in the Resource Centre. Eight years ago we began with with 95 separate lesson books. Today we offer more than 146 and expect to increase the curriculum in the next year, Lord willing, by another 12 books.

Praise the Lord with us, as we continue to "be strong" and courageous, as we "go view" where he asks us in preparation to, "cross over" to the next promise, as we "remember" all he has brought us through in order to rejoice in His goodness.

Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf as we reach the lost, lift up the downhearted, train new leaders and serve the King.

In His service,
Patrick & Sherry