03 April 2013

News from Zambia - 3 April 2013

Greetings from Luanshya!

"He is risen!" This past week we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in various ways. Sherry's heritage as a Jewess once again brought us to the festival of Passover and God's deliverance of His people through the shed blood of the lamb over the lintels of the homes of all those who believed. Similarly, Christ's resurrection delivered us by His sacrifice through the shedding of the blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. This year, since Andrew is living with us full time, he was able to experience Passover in a much more meaningful way. 

On Good Friday our three Lighthouse graduates: Nancy, Dickson and Shadreck, joined us for lunch. It was great having a noisy house again. They were able to share some of the challenges of "living away from home" and we were able to encourage them in their preparation for life. All three of the youths said they were learning skills that would help them in the future and we are excited about their training. Please continue to pray as they experience life in the real world.

The church planting and leadership training ministry has expanded. A new group of believers has asked that I come and teach them. They are eager to know more about the Word of God. This afternoon one of the ladies admitted that she had never accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her saviour. After speaking to her and explaining what it meant to repent and receive, she became the newest member of the family of God. We subsequently learned that this woman is the mother of one of our earliest wards in the Lighthouse Ministry. Japhet's father died when he was young and his mother was unable to care for him. She sent him to family members in Luanshya who were less than enthusiastic about his care. We stepped in and provided a secure environment, education and health care. Today he is running a farm with his mother and is successful. I was very pleased to meet up with Japhet again and to introduce his mother to the saviour. Next week I will return to that village and meet with a number of people who have expressed an interest in spiritual things. The following week we will conduct a baptism service. Please pray for this newest congregation.

On Saturday I visited the World War II veterans remaining in Luanshya. We have seen to many of their needs over the years. When I initially started this ministry, there were thirteen veterans. We are now down to the last three. The youngest man is 89 years old and very feeble but mentally alert. Through a friend in Kitwe we were able to give each of these men a small financial gift to help them with their daily needs. Please pray for these men and their spiritual well-being.

The Christian Resource Centre has been used by a number of church leaders of late many of whom have been reading through the various books on spiritual leadership. One man has asked Sherry to design an exam for when he has completed his studies. Another man has already been to Bible College in South Africa but said he has found so much more help through using the books in the library that he wonders what on earth he was doing before. A teacher at one of the local high schools has asked us to show him the dvd "The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon" because after being in that movement for several months, he is finding that there are too many areas of conflict with the Word of God. He will be visiting the library during the school break when we will be able to share the truth of God's Word.

The work among the youth of the community continues. Sherry will be having a meeting this coming Friday with the lesson plan focusing on: "Often Over-looked Lives of Significance". She will be sharing about the mighty men of David whom without, he would never have assumed the throne. God uses the most unlikely people to accomplish His will. Somewhere back in time, you and I were given a faulty set of instructions. Somewhere we learned that only the most famous or the star athlete or the most publicly gifted individual is worth our time and attention, our respect, and our loudest applause. But in reality, if it was not for the people who surround them, these well-known individuals would quickly fade in popularity and become among the most commonplace. This was never truer than in the days when the Bible was being written! We all know of the apostle Paul, but who has heard of Stephanas, Fortunatus, or Achaicus? And who has not heard of King David? But it's doubtful that many Christians could name the warriors who made it possible for him to become king, such as Eleazar, Benaiah, or Asahel. The truth remains--it is all the unknowns who make a few well known!

We appreciate your faithful prayers and support as we remain…
In His Service,
Patrick and Sherry

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