27 April 2005

News from Zambia - 27th April 2005

Greetings from Luanshya!

Sometimes we find ourselves so involved in doing "things" we forget it
is important just to spend time with each other and the Lord. The last
few weeks have been really hectic. We have had to deal with broken
limbs, exhaust systems, water tanks and tower, broken machinery and just
the every day hassles of existing in Africa. On top of that we are both
working on lessons and messages and doing other ministry/community
service. Please pray for us as we refocus over the next few days and
prioritize our lives and schedules.

Sherry's College and Career class continues to gain new faces every
week. The lessons have included a study of Jeremiah-Success through
Failure; The People of Israel-the Myth of Nostalgia-if we compare our
present difficulties with our past circumstances, we may become fearful
of the future and paralyzed in the present. This week the study is on
"How to Handle Rejection"-using the Lord Jesus as a role model. A
practical application of biblical examples has been priceless as we see
God work in the hearts and lives of these young adults.

One of the biggest pressures in our ministry is the fact that we are
caring for so many children and they rely entirely on us for food,
clothing, housing and education. Every sick child is a new burden. We
love them dearly but there is a lot of pressure. We were thrilled this
week to receive two very large boxes from some very dear ladies in Boca
Raton, Florida. The boxes were filled with hand-sewn dresses and
clothing which will give each child something special. Not only does
this exemplify the love of these believers for our children but it also
reminds us of God's provision for the needs that we have assumed in the
Lighthouse Ministry. When this ministry began, we had one major donor.
When he moved on, the full responsibility fell directly on us. We deeply
appreciate those who have made it possible to care for and love these

Finally, Colin is showing steady improvement with his broken leg
situation. The leg is healing nicely and he is becoming quite mobile on
his crutches. He has been able to help Sherry in the library which has
been a big help to her and has also helped to boost his confidence in
working in the ministry area. While he has been home these last few
weeks, he has been leading the music during Sunday services. He does
this standing on one leg and occasionally looses his balance but he is
learning where his spiritual gifts might lie. Thank you for praying for
his recovery. Please continue!

Knowing we have people praying for us makes it possible for us to
continue. Heavy schedules and frustrating circumstances are made easier
to bear because of your faithfulness.

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

13 April 2005

News from Zambia - 13th April 2005

Greetings from Luanshya!

We are pleased to give a positive report on Colin's leg situation. Last Thursday evening Dr. Mulla operated on Colin's leg and inserted a steel plate next to the lower portion of his femur. The plate is held in place by nine screws. Colin came through surgery very well and I stayed one night in Lusaka with him. I came home on the weekend to preach in Luanshya then returned on Monday morning to Lusaka. The doctor was pleased with Colin's progress and the condition of his surgery site and released him on Tuesday with a complete set of instructions on what not to do concerning his recuperation. The bone seems to be mending, according to the x-rays, and Colin is able to get around fairly well on crutches. We appreciate your prayers on his behalf. Please continue to pray as the leg heals. The plate will remain in place for approximately a year and a half. At that time the doctor will go back in and remove the plate.

The Lord had been blessing. One woman came into the Resource Centre last week and told Sherry that she was very pleased that her entire family, adults and children, are taking the Source of Light Lessons. In the evenings they sit around the living room and talk about what they have learned from their current lessons. Please pray for them and others as they continue to study God's Word through this ever-growing ministry.

Several weeks ago we asked you to pray for John and Sarah Bwalya as they are teaching in a rural area. This morning John came in to see Sherry and told her he was using her program for youth meetings in their school. The local Superintendent of Schools for his District has given her blessing on this program. John and Sarah are working with both boys and girls using school facilities. This would not be possible in public schools in the United States, but God has left this door open here in Zambia. We are thrilled at the fact that this young couple are able to utilize the information that they have gathered over the years and sharing with other young people. John was also invited to speak in a local Baptist Church in a village near his school on more than one occasion. The seeds that we have planted in John's heart are being planted again in areas where neither Sherry nor I have ever visited. Please continue to pray for John and Sarah as they minister both in the schools and church in their rural village setting.

School holidays have begun for the month of April. The College and Career class is down slightly in the attendance yet there are still those who are working and living in the area that want to continue the series of lessons while their college friends return home for the holiday. So, Sherry has gladly obliged and will provide lessons on Christian living through the examples, both good and bad, of various Bible characters.

On Sunday we are in a series called "The New Testament Church". Last Sunday we spoke about Christ as the Head of the Church, Christ as the Cornerstone of the Church, Christ as the Bridegroom of the Church. This coming week we will answer the question, "How does someone get into the Church of Christ?" Even the children were enthralled with the lessons giving input from time to time.

We sincerely appreciate your prayers on our behalf, especially over the last two weeks concerning Colin's accident and the expenses involved in medical treatment and travelling back and forth. We are pleased that quality medical treatment could be found within Zambia thus avoiding expensive travel outside the country. God has provided every step of the way.

In His service, Patrick & Sherry

06 April 2005

News from Zambia - 6th April 2005

"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in
green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my
soul." (Psalm 23:1-3a)

It is one thing to read the above verses. It is yet another to put them
into practice! After learning a week ago that our son, Colin-age 16,
broke his femur just four inches above the knee during a rugby game at
school, it's been a trying couple of days. I state equivocally that the
"Lord is my Shepherd" and rest in the vital truth and state that where
He leads I will go. However, in my motherly state...I want my son's leg
to be better...NOW and that rather tarnishes the "I shall not want"
portion of the verse! "He makes me to lie down in green pastures". Well,
I'm lying down but I certainly do not see the "green pastures" at the
moment. Everything looks a bit burnt and I feel rather wilted with all
the phone calls going back and forth between home and the medical clinic
where Colin has been until yesterday afternoon. An ambulance transported
him to a private hospital in Lusaka (4 hours from home) so that a metal
plate and pins can be put in place through surgical means tomorrow
afternoon (Thursday). Patrick left for Lusaka this afternoon to be with
Colin. "He leads me beside the still waters." My waters are more like
giant waves that seem to be pushing me around. But, I know that with
each passing day, the waves and billows will abate as God is in control
of the situation and He will direct the orthopaedic surgeon's hands. "He
restores my soul." Having re-read these verses and gotten my ranting out
of the system, I feel better. Thank you for praying and continuing in
prayer on behalf of Colin, Patrick & the surgeon as well as I.

Since Colin's "little" incident, Patrick has been travelling back and
forth between home and the Mkushi Medical Clinic. While he's on the
road, I've been pretty busy in the Christian Resource Centre listening
to people's memory verses from lessons, collecting those same lessons,
distributing new lessons and enrolling even more students. Looking back
at the month of March as a whole: 526 lessons were corrected, 660 were
distributed, 41 certificates of completion were issued and there were
121 new students enrolled. Needless to say, there has not been a lot of
"quiet time" in the library these days. Don't get me wrong. It has been
a pleasure meeting new people and listening to various spiritual
problems and having the privilege to share God's truth with so many.
Yesterday I may have sat down in the office a total of 5 minutes in two
hours. The afternoon session was not any better!

A local church leader came to me last week asking for material on
"Dating & Marriage". I showed him what was available and he devoured the
information. We discussed a few details in depth pertaining to Zambian
culture etc. and how scriptural principles could be applied to
"boy-girl" relationships. I then encouraged him to obtain a list of
seminar attendees (he was scheduled to speak to a group of young people
on the weekend) so that those who attended the sessions could then come
to Christian Resource Centre and enrol in the "Dating, Love & Marriage"
courses that are available. This also will expose many more youths to
the Word of God and His ultimate plan for their lives. Pray for the 35
young people who are set to meet with me some time in the next couple of

Two young Peace Corp Volunteers (both female), have been visiting with
me regularly. They actually stayed at our home last week, in Patrick's
absence. We enjoyed our time together and this provided opportunity for
the girls to ask a number of questions concerning eternal issues. Both
have been attending the Friday night College and Career sessions I
moderate. Sometimes knowing the truth and applying the truth are two
very different issues. The girls will be back on the weekend from their
service site in the bush (jungle). One will head off to Lusaka for her
annual medical exam. She will take time out to visit Colin in hospital,
if he does not have to be medivaced to South Africa. I can trust him to
carry on with sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and His love during
the visit. He pulls no punches in such conversations. The other young
lady will stay at our home for the week thus exposing her further to
what we do, how we live from day to day and another Friday evening with
the College & Career group. Please pray for the volunteers as spend time
with us and God's people at Fellowship Chapel and in the various Bible
study groups.

Thank for your continued prayers for our family and ministry!

In His Grace,
Sherry (& Patrick in absentia)