30 June 2005

News from Lenexa

This is a new look for the ministry update. In addition to the regular webpage, we now have a "web blog" available to make communication even more expeditious. Please take a look at the format and tell us what you think.

We will be back in Zambia in a weeks' time and we will communicate from home as soon as we get over jetlag.

In His Grace,
Patrick & Sherry

29 June 2005

Because every grandparent should be able to post pictures of their grand-kids:

Welcome to the new and improved Coleman Ministry Update

This is Christopher who occasionally manages this site.

I am posting here, as I rarely do, to test this site, where we are experimenting with new technologies.

Watch out world.

01 June 2005

News from Zambia - 1st June 2005

Greetings from Luanshya!

The last week has been a week of harvest. A few weeks ago I began a Bible study early on Sunday mornings for caddies at the local golf course. After three weeks of teaching, several of the young men expressed an interest in knowing how they can receive eternal life. I made appointments on Monday and Tuesday morning and went back to the golf course and spoke with each of those who were contemplating a decision. Eight young men called on the Lord and received Him as their personal Saviour. Due to their work schedule they cannot come on Sunday morning to church services so I have gone out to the highways and fairways to take the gospel to them. Please pray for spiritual growth. Pray also for those who are still considering Jesus Christ.

The Source of Light program did well during the month of May in spite of the fact that we ran out of initial courses in two series. We only had fifteen new students, but turned away several dozen and asked them to return late next month in the hope that new lessons arrive. Among our existing students we distributed 300 lessons, corrected 285 and awarded 42 certificates of completion. Currently, our oldest student, 65 years of age, is beginning his final series of lessons, Basic Bible Truths (doctrinal studies). Every time he comes in he asks for tracts to distribute on his way home. He has been using past lessons as a tool in evangelising his farming community with the hope of planting a new church. Please pray for Pison Mubanga.

The Sunday Schools has just completed lessons on witnessing "Taking Risks". Very often when we share the Lord Jesus we are aware of perhaps people making fun of us. The children were encouraged to be brave, loving and kind as they share their faith with their friends and neighbours. One example given of witnessing was Peter and John. Another example was that of Stephen. Though we may face opposition in telling others of eternal life, there is blessing in being faithful.

Last week the College and Career Class discussed the great statue of Daniel 2. What was remarkable, besides the meaning of the statue, was the fact that Daniel had the courage to speak with the king, request time to seek God's wisdom, brought in fellow prayer warriors (Hannaniah, Azariah, Mishael), then praised God for answering their prayers. In an age where integrity is rare Sherry has encouraged these young people stand as Daniel in the face of the corrupting forces of the world. Please pray for this continuing ministry.

Click for larger imageAs you can see by the attached photo, we have begun working on the property for the new chapel. There was at least a decade of garden rubbish piles shoulder high on the land. That has been levelled and the building "setting" is being marked. Digging for the foundation begins on Friday. Please pray about this project. Funding has been slow in this depressed economy, but we know Who holds the future!

On a personal note, Monday Colin took his piano exam with the Royal London School of Music. We received word that he had achieved Merit status in his performance. We are thrilled at this news and proud of our son as he uses the talents God has given him.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry and our lives.

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry