04 December 2013

News from Zambia - 4 December 2013

Greetings from Luanshya!

This morning on my Facebook page I wrote the following:

"A missionary's mission is not to build a kingdom. It is to build people and to empower them to build God's Kingdom. Today I am taking food to three ex-servicemen then travelling to three different villages to teach and train people to reach out to their neighbours taking the Good News that Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Saviour of the world, DID come, DID die, DID rise again and WILL return for His followers."

I then turned off my computer and delivered the food and visited the rural churches. In the evening we went to Fellowship Chapel for the Bible study. I began sharing the victory of the last meeting in the afternoon.

The new congregation in Mwewa Village is meeting in the unfinished home of Mr Mulenga. The members sit on the floor, boxes and the floor. As is my custom, I begin teaching new congregations the "basics" of the Gospel. This week the lesson was on baptism. At the end of the lesson I asked for question. Mr Kalaba said "I have a question. You said that only believers can be baptised. How can I become a believer?" It was my pleasure to explain God's simple plan of salvation and witness his new-found faith.

After I told the story Andrew Silungwe (our last Lighthouse Ward) said he wanted to share what God had done with him. He has set up a small computer repair shop with a friend in the building behind our house. His friend began asking him about his lifestyle. Andrew turned the conversation to the Lord. His friend is asking lots of questions and Andrew is sharing his faith with him daily. Please pray for Andrew as he speaks to his friend.

Then Sarah Bwalya shared that she had been accepted into Secondary School Teachers' College. She is a "senior teacher" at a local primary school and will be taking two weeks of classes during her regular school breaks. The rest will be done by extension. She will be home on the weekends so her Sunday school responsibilities will not be interrupted. She is very excited about this, but said that another teacher in her school is very jealous. We encouraged her and said that successful people are always the target of jealous people. Please pray for Sarah as she advances in her education.

Finally Sherry talked about a lady who has been coming into the Christian Resource Centre for the last several days. Today her husband came in looking for her. He said he wanted to know about "this place" where his wife spends so much time. Sherry showed him around the reading room and explained the books, tapes, videos and Bible Correspondence School. As he walked out with his wife he said, "This is a wonderful place. We need to come back here often." We hope they do and we pray that they will find what they need spiritually.

It has been a great week! Thank you for your prayers and support as we remain…

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

Photo is of the Mwewa Chapel congregation in front of Mr Mulenga's house (White shirt in back row)