19 October 2015

News from Zambia - 19 October 2015

Greetings from Luanshya!


What a week! Several years ago I broke two teeth when I bit down on a small stone that was hidden in rice. The dentist here in Zambia repaired the teeth and life went on… until the old fillings finally wore down and the teeth began to deteriorate. This required root canals on two teeth. Not my favourite experience! We appreciate your prayers for our health. We also appreciate the special gift celebrating our thirtieth year in Africa – It came just in time for this emergency.

Last Sunday I made my monthly trip to the Kangonga Blind Centre Chapel and taught/preached three times that morning. There was also the question and answer time which is both challenging and intriguing. They are not limited to anything I taught during the morning so they can range from Old Testament history to personal family issues. The most exciting aspect of that particular congregation is the faithfulness of these believers to give to build their own chapel. Not all of the members are blind. Some have other physical challenges and others are retired and have moved into this rural community because it is less expensive than living in town.

I would like to buy some timber so the members can make new benches for their chapel. This will allow them to contribute to their own facility and help them maintain their sense of self-reliance. They have the skills to make the benches, but the materials are just out of reach. If you want to help, just let us know. 

This week Zambia celebrates 51 years as an independent nation. There are challenges in this relatively new democracy, but the typical Zambian is proud of their freedom and seeks to develop both personally and nationally. We are watching our Zambian children grow both academically and spiritually. Three of them are enrolled in college courses in education and engineering while still fully involved in their service at church. You have helped to make this possible!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

In His Service,

P & S