19 July 2017

News from Zambia - 19 July 2017

Greetings From Luanshya!

Few things are more frustrating than not being able to go where we need to go. The distributor and spark plug cables on my JEEP began to act up a few weeks ago. Two mechanics could not figure it out so the vehicle sat unused for several weeks until a third mechanic discovered the problem. I was able to buy what I needed during our very short trip to Florida and have it shipped back to Zambia (for over twice the value of the actual part). The distributor cap was broken when packed in to the FedEx box so I bought another and carried it with me. Then we found that the coil was also faulty. Another was ordered form the United Kingdom. The good news… After 6 weeks the Jeep is back in action!

My first trip in the repaired JEEP was to Chengelo School in central Zambia – 170 miles away. The school was started by a small group of Christian farmers almost 30 years ago. Chengelo School is a coeducational Christian Boarding School where our youngest son, Colin, attended. The school motto "As a witness to The Light" summarises the aspirations for the young people who attend the school. It is uniquely and unapologetically Christian. I was invited to join the board of governors of the school. It is both an honour and a privilege to accept this invitation and have a part in the lives of these students.

Sherry’s Thursday afternoon classes resumed last week. They are studying “What Every Believer Should Never Forget – God Alone” from Isaiah 6:1-8. It is a beautiful lesson that brings her next three lessons into view in the “Demolishing Strongholds” lessons.

Last Sunday I was once again speaking at Kangonga Blind Centre Chapel. I spoke three times that morning and was both physically tired and spiritually energised to be back with these incredible saints.

Sherry was also able to present a certificate of completion to 78-year-old Gilbert Simwanza, the man who accompanies me to rural villages. He told me that his motorised bicycle had completely died. He cycles several hundred miles every month visiting church leaders and village Bible studies. In order to keep him mobile I bought him a new motorised bicycle.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support as we continue…

Together in His Service,

Patrick & Sherry