12 February 2014

News from Zambia - 12 February 2014

12 February 2014

Greeting from Luanshya!

Being away for a few days does not mean that things come to a halt around here.

Just over sixteen years ago we purchased the building in downtown Luanshya to create the Christian Resource Centre. Since the first rainy season we have struggled with water leaks. Our neighbour has been "less-than-cooperative" and a few years ago his roof collapsed. The repairs he made actually increased our problems. When we approached him about the issue he ignored us. Even the tenants in his building are complaining about the water coming into their side of the wall. No solution will be coming from him. So… We are repairing his roof and will finally (we hope) have a dry room! Pray that this works!

More good news! We have received gifts to help with the roof of the Mukolwe and Kafubu Dam West chapels. The contractor has already begun to get his materials on site and the work should begin early next week. The rains are torrential at the moment, but he will put his team at the chapel and have them stay there to work "between the storms" in order to complete the roof "in two weeks" – the standard estimated completion time for any construction project. We are very please to see this begin and pray for a timely completion!

The grade 12 exam results have been released. Andrew will be collecting his results sometime this week. We have already heard of young people committing suicide because of poor results on their exams. There is such pressure on students to do well on these exams that failure often results in depression. These results actually follow the students not only into their academic endeavours, but potential employers also ask to see them. Sadly, the Zambian government has already warned that the results are dismal this year. Please pray for the young people of Zambia as they receive their reports. 

Meanwhile… This is Wednesday so I have been to three Bible studies. I am exhausted, but it is a "good" exhaustion!

Sincerely in His Service,

 Patrick & Sherry

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