17 July 2013

News from Zambia - 17 July 2013

17 July 2013

Greetings from Luanshya!

This morning Mr. Mpakanya came into the Christian Resource Centre to collect his lessons and his first certificate of accomplishment. During the presentation of his certificate, three high school boys were present. I made the introductions and then said, "Mr. Mpakanya is a believer  in education…education continues until the day we die. Today he is being recognised for his accomplishment in completing a series of Bible lessons on the Christian life." The boys clapped for Mr. Mpakanya following the presentation and Mr. Mpakanya shyly smiled. This student of the Source of Light Correspondence School is over 70 years of age and journey's a long distance to collect his lessons.

Another student in the correspondence School, Kelvin, is a security guard. He is on his second series of lessons and faithfully comes into the library each day to study and prepare for bible studies at his church. Today he was looking at a book entitled "The Purpose Driven Church". He has also been doing a personal study on the active Christian life. He regularly asks questions and has befriended many other people who come daily to use the facilities. 

Many of the high school students are currently sitting their mock exams. So, the Youth program is on a short hiatus until the young people have some semblance of a schedule once again. When we resume, we will continue in our study of bible characters.

This past week Sherry was invited to a meeting at the town council to see a presentation of a "social networking campaign" for Luanshya. A young couple from Greece is setting up the system. They invited both of us to come to their home for a more extensive examination. This has given us another opportunity to become even more involved in our community and this allows us an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ through this new network as well as with the face-to-face conversations that result from this interaction.

God continues to open doors for us to reach out in some unusual ways. We appreciate your faithful support and prayers for as as we remain…

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

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