08 June 2016

News from Zambia - 8 June 2016

Dear Partner in service,

Greetings from “chilly” Zambia! When I first arrived in Africa in July 1985 I was surprised that people were wearing coats and hats in 70° temperatures. Even the Air Za├»re plane that we used from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi had the heater running. My family was sweating and the pilot was wearing a leather jacket. After three decades in the tropics we can officially state that temperatures in the low 70s are officially cool. Anything under 70° is considered cold! Night-time temperatures plunge to a bone-chilling 50° and day-time temperatures “only” climb top 78-82°. We are surviving!

We take advantage of the dry, cool weather to do any repairs on buildings. We have struggled with the leaking roof of the Christian Resource Centre for nearly fifteen years. Our neighbour has been very uncooperative and the only solution was to completely change the roof structure. Thanks to a very generous gift, we have been able to make the necessary changes and hopefully put an end to our water issues. The photos below show the process of the work thus far. We still have the painting and new signage to complete on the front of the building, but we are expecting a big change during the next rainy season!

The construction of the Mwewa Chapel and community school is progressing after a temporary shortage of some of the essential supplies. It is interesting that something as basic as building sand can hold up a building project, but that has been overcome and, as you can see in these photos, we are nearing completion. The builder assures us that it will be finished by the end of July!

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue…

In His Service, Patrick & Sherry