12 April 2016

News from Zambia - 12 April 2016

Greetings from Luanshya!

One of the greatest challenges of living here is our health. We sometimes take it for granted, but there are many threats to our physical wellbeing that are often unnoticed until it is too late! We are careful. We boil and filter the water from our own deep borehole well, we grow many of our own vegetables, wash everything we eat and we wash our hands many times a day. Still, as the saying goes, "stuff happens." Amoebic Dysentery is not fun and the medicine makes you feel worse before it makes you feel better!

I spent four days in bed eating very little and drinking a very nasty-tasting rehydration drink to keep my electrolytes stabilized. I was able to preach at a funeral on Friday and spoke three times on Sunday morning at the Kangonga Blind Centre Chapel, but it took all that I had to stay on my feet. Fortunately Bro Simwanza has been trained and was able to go to the rural areas for me. While I am still not 100%, I am on the mend! Please continue to pray for our health!

It has been a rough week!

Good news = I lost almost 18 pounds.
Bad news = It was Not a diet plan that I would suggest!

We have had two computers go down at the Christian Resource Centre. Sherry is in the process of getting them up and again but time and parts… Many local church leaders continue to use the library materials and study lessons each week which is always encouraging. The Source of Light Correspondence Bible School is advancing. We are still planning an expansion program this year. Sherry was recently requested to consider a College and Career seminar focusing on "Relationships" for the youth. She is waiting for confirmation from the group as to date and time.

Schools have closed for the end of term break. During this period, John Bwalya, our eldest and first Lighthouse Children's Home ward has just completed his second year of studies in higher education in Special Ed focusing on business and commerce courses for the children. His wife, Sarah, is completing her second year of advanced studies in Guidance Counselling and will sit her exams in June. 

Election campaigning has begun nationwide. There has been some sporadic violence but generally calm. We pray that it will remain calm over the next four months while Zambian's choose their leaders.

Thank you for your prayers as we remain…

In His service,

Patrick & Sherry

Patrick & Sherry Coleman
P O Box 90010
Luanshya, Zambia