19 January 2012

News from Zambia - 19 January 2012

19 January 2012

Greetings from Luanshya!

Time flies when you are (a) having fun and (b) busy! We have been enjoying the work in the New Year and have been incredibly busy doing so!

Some of the work is mundane. Yesterday I spent a large portion of the day running errands and fixing things. In the morning I had to go to Ndola (about 20 miles from Luanshya) to collect and pay for a surge protector for the electrical appliances for the office and house. While I was in Ndola I looked for cloth to cover the pool table in the Youth Centre (This was unsuccessful so I will look in Lusaka on another day.) When I walked out of the shop I noticed that my back bumper was hanging lower on one side. That required a trip to the mechanic and 90 minutes to repair.

Meanwhile, Sherry was in the Christian Resource Centre preparing her lessons for Thursday's ladies fellowship and the Friday youth meeting. There were men in the library studying for their sermons and Bible studies and she was helping them find the books they needed to prepare their messages.

When I returned home to Luanshya I went to the electric company to pay the bills. The line was not too long, but it still gobbled up an hour. I then went to the local welder under the tree next to the railroad lines that no longer have trains running over them (because the rails were removed by persons unknown) to have the muffler (silencer for those in Zambia) repaired. Another 90 minutes gone. I returned home just in time to go to the Wednesday evening Bible study. The lesson was from Acts 13 - one of my favourite passages because it is the beginning of Paul's missionary journeys!

After the Bible study we went to a community meeting to talk about water projects at area schools and the needs of one of the local hospitals in Luanshya. They need a stove because they are currently cooking meals on charcoal for the hospital patients and staff.

At the end of the meeting the entire town of Luanshya was engulfed in darkness as the power grid was shut down. We went home, started the generator and prepared a cold supper of fruit and vegetables. About an hour later the electricity came back on just in tome for us to go to bed.

With all we do, we are constantly reminded that we have a faithful team of prayer supporters behind us! We appreciate you!

Sincerely in His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

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