22 November 2017

21 November 2017

Good morning from Luanshya.

A few years ago Sherry had a bad case of pneumonia. A year later she had an even more severe recurrence that left her lungs and bronchial tubes damaged. She carries a small vaporiser with her everywhere she goes.

A few weeks ago we were teaching and she reached for her vaporiser only to find that she had left it at home (40 minutes away.) I quickly went to a nearby pharmacy and bought another, but she was coughing for nearly 15 minutes. A week later she was at the hospital in Johannesburg with her friend and had another attack. She had the vaporiser, but the attack was quick and severe. She collapsed to the floor. Fortunately, she was in one of the world’s best hospitals and was immediately taken under the care of doctors and nurses. These same people had seen her caring for her patient and helping with several others and had come to respect her spiritual care and medical knowledge.

The doctor ran a series of tests (including an echocardiogram) and found that her heart was fine, but she had torn her pectoral muscles in two places. These tears will take several months to mend. On Friday she was walking in Luanshya and was accidentally bumped. The initial knitting of the muscle was re-torn.

She is now taking pain medication and has been told that she is not to move her right arm for the next month. This means typing, signing and doing everything else with her left hand. She will only be driving when I am not able to take her where she needs to go. (This also means she will be supervising me as I cook our Thanksgiving dinner!)

We are fortunate that our classes are completed for this year and will not resume until January. Also, most of her lessons for the Ladies Bible Class have already been prepared.

Still… Keeping her still for the next for weeks may prove to be a challenge!

Please pray for her as her muscles heal. The doctor said the mending might take from 3-6 months depending on her activities.
Thank you for your continued prayer and support as we remain…

Together in His Service,
Patrick & Sherry