25 April 2018

News from Zambia


25 April 2018


Dear Partner in service,


Greetings from Luanshya!


What a month we have had! Sherry has been dealing with her new routine of stretching, exercising and getting her right shoulder back into shape. She gets up at 5:30 every morning and spends an hour with stretching  and now strengthening exercises. She then goes to her office and continues to score correspondence courses and answering questions that members of the community have as they study in the reading room. She has restarted the Ladies' Bible Study that was postponed until after her surgery and even participated in a youth seminar last Saturday. She has also resumed signing lessons and sermons into sign language – even though her signs are limited in size.


Next week she will return to South Africa to see the surgeon and physio-therapist for another post-surgery review. The surgeon is pleased (and impressed) with reports from Sherry about her progress thus far. We appreciate your continued prayers for her recovery.


Classes at the Bible institute are on end-of-term recess. Students will be working on the campus during the break in preparation for construction of new student housing units. Since we are training bricklayers, we have a team of workers. Our training team will be working with professional builders overseeing the construction. The school is still in the process of raising funds for the construction. We will build as funds are available. Please pray for this project!


Last Sunday I was invited to teach and preach at a church I helped to start 15 years ago. I was pleased to observe that this rural congregation continues to remain faithful in their community outreach. Benson Chomba (The man with whom I started the church) is fifteen years older, but his enthusiasm remains strong. I thoroughly enjoyed the two choirs singing and the believers praising God for His grace and mercy. After the service we ate a lunch of various local dishes.THIS is why we are here! Sharing God's truth and training church leaders. This was truly a day of fellowship!

As we continue to teach, preach and counsel members of our community we are always thankful for the faithful support of our ministry partners. We realise that we cannot do this without your prayers and consistent support.


Thank you for making it possible for us to remain…


In His Service,

Patrick & Sherry