27 February 2013

News from Zambia - 27 February 2013

27 February 2013

Greetings from Luanshya!

It has been a while since our last update. This is not because we have not been busy - on the contrary, we have been incredibly busy! Sometimes a bit too busy. 

On Monday I teach a Bible Class at the Mobile Mission Maintenance Vocational Training Centre. This past Monday Sherry was flying in from Lusaka, I was making breakfast for Andrew and making my coffee. The bell rang on our gate and as I turned to leave the kitchen I tapped the top of the French press and spilled coffee - complete with the grounds - all over the kitchen and my right hand. I splashed a bit of cold water on my hand and went to the gate. After meeting the visitor I closed the gate only to have the lock fall off. I ran to the work shop and grabbed a few tools to repair the lock. When I got back to the kitchen I quickly cleaned up the coffee, changed my shirt and sat down with Andrew (our youngest Lighthouse ward who is now living in our home) for our morning devotions. I knew that if I did not spend that time with Andrew and the Lord my day would only get worse, but I still needed to go to the office and photo copy 40 worksheets for my class. After our Bible reading and devotions, Andrew left for school and I went to the office then left for MMMVTC. I arrived exactly on time for class and walked from my Jeep to the podium. The day improved from that point. I went to the airport after class and picked up Sherry. (I never did get my coffee, but the adrenaline rush from the burn on my hand kept me going!) When you pray for missionaries, remember that we have "Mondays," too!

The church leadership training continues, in Mukolwe and Kafubu Dam, but the baptism service planned for last week was postponed until after the rains in April. The churches said they were afraid that the water would be too fast in the river. So… We wait.

Last week we received word that a small group of believers have been gathering in a rural village. Bro Simwanza visited them and made arrangements for me to go out there tomorrow afternoon. We always enjoy having God open doors for service. We are not exactly sure what the name of the village is, but Bro Simwanza said it takes an hour to get there from Kafubu Block by bicycle. Fortunately, I have a Jeep so it should be a bit quicker. In addition believers from Matete and Saka - two more villages without a Gospel witness - have asked for a Bible study. More opportunities to serve and more need for Zambian church leaders. This means more emphasis at the Bible schools is needed to reach the unreached (or "mis-reached) for Christ! Please pray about these new areas of focus.

Noah is a middle-aged man who desires to develop leadership skills. He came into the Christian Resource Centre early last week and enquired of Sherry whether there were any leadership books. She showed him an entire shelf of such material. The smile on his face was priceless! This afternoon when he was preparing to leave for the day he commented on how much the books and literature is helping him to realise the role and responsibility of a true leader of God's people. 

Emmanuel, in his early thirties, has been coming to the Christian Resource Centre for the last week. He confessed to Sherry that he and his wife have been experiencing some marital problems. Sherry has invited them both to come and "talk" to learn what God has to say about their situation. Please pray that they both come for at least a session and are able to speak openly about what may be causing their division. In the meantime Emmanuel has been reading a book entitled "His Needs, Her Needs" and taking copious notes. Please pray for Emmanuel and his wife.

A few weeks ago a woman who heads an adult literacy class came to Sherry's office for advice and to share some good news. Four out of five of her exam students had successfully passed the grade 7 and grade 9 exams. The real joy was that one of the women who has been a part of the adult literacy class for some years was just accepted into Teacher's Training College! Quite an accomplishment for a Zambian woman who had never gone to school until after her own kids had gone through the system!!! Pray for Sherry as she maintains a relationship with programs of this nature and those who have a heart to serve.

Yes, we have been busy and God has blessed. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Together in His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

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