01 May 2014

News from Zambia - 30 April 2014

30 April 2014


Greetings from Luanshya!


Last Sunday it was my pleasure to conduct the memorial service of my friend and long-time resident of Luanshya. The Fellowship Chapel "comfortably" seats 80 people, but we had over 100 people at the service. There were members of the family and community as well as colleagues from his former place of work in the chapel. People talked about his kindness, love for family and ever-present smile. Sadly, one of the most poignant comments was "Though he was not a Christian, he was as kind as any Christian."


He was, indeed, a very kind man. He loved his wife, children and grandchildren. He was a good neighbour and friend, but… He had no room in his life for the Lord. During the service I spoke about the fact that we all make choices in our lives. Every day we start our morning with choices. Joshua declared his choice – "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." I do not know what went through my friend's mind as he went through treatment for the cancer that ultimately took his life. I do not know his final thoughts and choices made. I always hope that people make the right decisions before closing their eyes for the last time because I know – and preach – that every decision that we make is made before our death.


After the service I invited members of the family and community to consider their choices and encouraged them to see me. Several came and asked if they could talk to me later. Of course! Another man who had travelled over three hours for the service asked me to come to his home church and talk about the "Choices of Life." I look forward to that opportunity! Please pray for our community as they contemplate their "choices" in life.


God is still at work in Zambia!


We can also report progress on the Kafubu Dam West Chapel roof project! The wall extension is completed, the trusses are up and the roofing sheets are going up. The target for completion is Friday! Here are a few photos:



This coming Sunday the congregation will be able to assemble and worship under this new roof!


As God continues to bless, we thank Him – and you – for allowing us to be a part of His work in Zambia!


Together in His Service,

Patrick & Sherry