24 November 2016

24 November 2016

Greetings From Luanshya!

Dear Partner in service,

Today people in the United States and Territories will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Its roots reach back to Colonial days almost 400 years ago. Other nations also celebrate a similar holiday. Canada celebrates it much as we do but on the second Monday of October. With its background of former slaves from the United States, Liberia celebrates from the traditions brought with them from the United States. One city in the Netherlands annually celebrates because there are connections to the Mayflower of people who had formerly lived there before setting off the “The New World.”

The Caribbean island nation of Granada celebrates on October 21st because on that day in 1983 the United States invasion of the country freed them from a communist leader and they learned of the U.S. Holiday from our troops as they occupied at the time. Norfolk Island in the South Pacific also developed a Thanksgiving celebration as a result of contact with American Whalers. They celebrate the last Wednesday of November.

We are personally thankful for the many open doors that God has provided for us this year.

  • Our personal contact with nearly 80 students at the Bible school continues to bear fruit.
  • The rural outreach studies are expanding with congregations building their own chapels.
    • Lulamba

  • Sherry’s newest Thursday afternoon Bible study is flourishing.
  • A small group of deaf believers has joined the Luanshya congregation and are integrating well into the ministry there.

Thanksgiving is not a Zambian holiday and both Sherry and I have afternoon Bible studies planned so we are working. However, we did find a turkey (imported from Brazil) and will enjoy a dinner with good friends tomorrow night. (I missed the "planning meeting" on this and was given the job to wash dishes!)

We are especially thankful for our partners in this ministry here in Zambia. Because of you we are able to remain…

Together in His Service, Patrick & Sherry