07 September 2016

7 September 2016

Greetings from Luanshya!

Over the decades we have been able to impact the lives of many people, young and old, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of our greatest thrills is to see that impact move to the next generation. This past week Sherry has been visited by one of our Zambian granddaughters. She is 10 years of age, in grade 5 and is asking questions about baptism. The conversation went something like this:

Grandma, I want to be baptized.
Why do you want to be baptized?
Because I go to church every week.
Oh! Is that what God wants when it comes to baptism?
Hmmm. I think so.
Well, let’s see what the Word of God says…

As Sherry went through the scriptures, when our granddaughter was asked about whether she was a sinner, she said, “no”. Later on she changed the answer, “I am a reformed sinner”. It was difficult to hold back the laughter. However, she was dead serious. As she asks more questions, Sherry will be able to give her more answers from the Word of God. We look forward to the day when she fully understands why she needs to have a personal relationship with the Lord and confess her spiritual condition. At that point, we will be very pleased to have her follow the Lord in scriptural baptism.

A former Source of Light Bible Correspondence School student, who is now in ministry, came to the Resource Centre seeking some help for his youth ministry and outreach. Remembering the influence that these Bible lessons had on his life as a youth, Ben now wants to share the same with the young among whom he ministers. He will continue in the courses he has yet to complete himself as a testimony that all believers need to be continually studying the Word. At the same time, he will begin training with Sherry in the utilization of the correspondence courses which involves testing the reading of those who want to enroll, marking their papers, counseling their questions and encouraging them. So, this will begin another extension in another town using these same courses. Pray for Ben as he learns, studies and expands his borders.

One of our core values in ministry is the empowerment of local believers to reach into their own communities caring for widows and orphans and the vulnerable in general. Mrs. “N” was widowed several years ago and began a ministry after her retirement from the health sector, caring for orphaned and abandoned children. She used her own personal resources and managed to obtain some local donor sponsorship. Mrs. N. has come to the point in her life where she needs to begin considering her own wellbeing and realizes the need to ensure that her legacy continues in this ministry by transferring “ownership” to the local community. She asks for concerted prayer that the Lord would guide her to the right people who would have a heart for these widows and orphans. Please pray for her as she is endeavoring to further the work of the Lord beyond herself.

Again, we too, are seeking to develop a network of leaders who can assume responsibility for outreach, the encouragement of the saints and the building up of the Church. As Paul wrote the Ephesian believers, that he has heard of their ongoing faith and work, we also wish to look beyond and hear of past students/disciples spiritual growth, ongoing ministry and evangelistic outreach.

Thank you for your continual prayers and support.

In His Service, Patrick & Sherry