17 April 2014

News from Zambia - 16 April 2014

Greetings from Luanshya! What a week!

On Monday evening we celebrated Passover with a Seder in our home. Missionary colleagues Dick and Eve Jarvis joined us. They work with deaf children here in Luanshya and have never been to a Seder. There were several questions as Sherry and I explained the fact that the Passover Seder shows the promise of the Messiah's death and resurrection. We enjoyed the fellowship and they enjoyed the "lesson."

On Wednesday I went to two rural churches and carried my Haggadah (the book we use during the Passover Seder) with me. I explained the Passover from Exodus 12 and from Matthew 26 – When Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples. As I explained the purpose and ceremony of the Seder, questions began to flow. Because of time I was only able to be with each church for 90 minutes, but I promised to answer more of their questions next Wednesday. One man (72 years old) asked, "Why have we never heard this story before?" I could not answer him except to say that so many Christians know so little about the Old Testament that the foundation of the New Testament is overlooked. I am looking forward to next week!

We are progressing well with the new roof at the Kafubu Dam West roof project. The first step was to level the walls the pour the "ring beam." On Saturday the trusses will go up and by Friday next week the work will be completed – Lord willing! The members of the church are very excited about participating in this work and the villagers are eager to get back into their chapel. (So am I!) Here are a few photos of the progress:

Photo of building                     

 Walls levelled                  

Timber for trusses

Sherry gave all the people who came into the Christian Resource Centre this week a copy of The Risen Redeemer by Timothy Cross. The book presents Biblical evidence for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This morning I will take a copy to the new mayor of Luanshya who happens to be a long-time member of Fellowship Chapel. I led him to Christ and baptised him several years ago as well as his son and daughter. He feels that God has placed him in this position of municipal leadership to "do good in Luanshya."

As God continues to bless, we thank Him – and you – for allowing us to be a part of His work in Zambia!

Together in His Service,

Patrick & Sherry 

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09 April 2014

News from Zambia - 9 April 2014

Greetings from Luanshya!


RAIN! What a surprise to have a late storm in the second week of April. While our garden is enjoying this unusual rain, it has put a halt to the work at the latest roof project at the Kafubu Dam West Chapel. However, since the people in this village survive on farming, there is not a complaint from anyone there! Last Sunday after church the men took the grass roof off and placed everything neatly to the side of the building. (It will be used for the roof of the toilets.) We are now getting everything in place to build the ring beam then we will raise the walls by another five bricks before setting the trusses and putting the metal roofing sheets in place. This one-day delay is not a problem. Work will resume tomorrow (Lord willing) and it should be completed in two weeks.


Here are before and after photos of the roof removal: (Notice that the gable in front was also removed so the ring beam goes all the way around the building giving strength and stability to the structure.)



At Fellowship Chapel we continue with the "That The World May Know" series. This week we begin the third subject: "Life of the Messiah". We will be considering issues related to the prophecy of the Lord's birth, adolescence and later ministry. Pray for those that have been attending and those in the community that are thinking about coming.


The Youth meetings are on break for a few weeks as schools let out. We'll see if the young people change their mind but Sherry is working with an entirely new group of high school students this year, girls! Their subject matter over the last couple of weeks has been "Celebrating God".


The Source of Light Bible Correspondence School continues. Last week two new students were enrolled. The oldest student came in yesterday with his lessons on "God's Great Salvation". He was concerned when he came into town last week because the library was closed and he could not pick up his lessons. Sherry was out teaching and made a mistake in telling him to come in the morning.


All our kids from the Lighthouse are on break from college. Some are visiting with friends and others are looking for part time work until classes resume. Please continue to pray for Dickson, Shadreck, Nancy and Andrew.


We appreciate your prayers for us and for the work of the Lord here in Zambia!


In His Service,

Patrick & Sherry

News from Zambia - 9 April 2014

Our latest ministry update is attached.

Love you all…

P & S