14 September 2011

News from Zambia - 14 September 2011 A

14 September 2011

Greetings from Luanshya!

Election fever has struck Zambia. Almost every wall, tree and fencepost has been covered with some kind of political poster encouraging voters to mark their ballot next Tuesday in favour of some candidate or another. Loudspeakers blare through the streets of Luanshya until late at night singing the praises of various parties and television advertisements promote the qualities of the current president of Zambia - the party with access to the State-owned and operated television station. In many ways this reminds us of the campaigns in the States. This is not a big surprise since the larger political parties are using publicity agents with bases in New York. There are 14 candidates for president, but really only three viable parties with the rest being mostly regional or tribal in content.

Fortunately, the situation is nothing like campaigns in neighbouring countries of Zimbabwe or Malawi or in Northern Africa where campaigns are carried out with guns and riots. There have been very few incidents of violence and all candidates have expressed their desires that their "cadres" (supporters) refrain from throwing stones or breaking things. There have even been songs written declaring that Zambia wants peaceful elections. Please pray with us that the elections will be free, fair and peaceful.

In the Youth Fellowship on Friday Sherry's class has been studying Romans chapters 9-11 - Paul's concern for his people, Israel. Sherry has a particular interest in this portion of Scripture because she, like the Apostle Paul, is a Jew who came to the saving knowledge of her Messiah and Saviour Jesus Christ. So many religions today are still trying to come to God by their good works instead of through saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of the young people who attend these Friday fellowships are not able to come to church on Sunday so the only contact they have with "what the Bible says" about salvation is through Sherry's class. Please continue to pray that the seeds being planted will bring fruit in the future.

The discipleship courses continue with several students at various levels. John Bwalya and I are going through leadership training. John has realised that leadership is not just preaching on Sunday and conducting a Bible study during the week. He is now being called to help with family issues by young believers in the Chapel. This afternoon we will study guarding ourselves and the protecting the "flock" from those who would do harm to the believers. He has been recognised for his leadership abilities not only at church, but in the Ministry of Education as well as with the Electoral Commission of Zambia. Because of this, he has realised that his family time and service to the Lord can be threatened by being "too busy doing good things" that will take him away from doing the best things. Please pray for John and his wife Sarah who is about to give birth to their third child.

God has blessed in so many ways. We appreciate your faithfulness to pray and support His work here in Zambia.

Together in His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

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