26 June 2014

Fwd: 25 June update

Greetings from Luanshya!


An exciting development: Our newest church outreach ministry is in a location where the closest school is about 6 kilometres (almost 4 miles) away through the bush. Parents are afraid to let their children walk there. So, they are planning to start a community school that will meet in the very primitive building that they are building for their worship and Bible study meetings.


One of the farmers in the area has given the church a piece of property from his farm. He said, "When I die it will not help me. I want to give this to the Lord before I die." Last Sunday the believers from the church went to the property with gardening tools to clear the land. They have already spoken to the local Ministry of Education office about curriculum and limited teaching materials. We will supply the school with a chalkboard.


The need: Water! The nearest water well is at the school mentioned earlier - 6 kilometres (almost 4 miles) away. Please pray with us about this need. We would love to be able to drill a water well and install a hand pump at this church/school building for the residents of Mwewa Village.


Additionally, with the large numbers of children in these rural communities we see both a huge need and opportunity. On Monday I spoke with the Southern African Regional Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship (based in Luanshya) about expanding their outreach beyond town limits. This afternoon I went with him to prepare the way for "Backyard Bible Clubs" and Sunday school training at Kafubu Dam West and Mwewa.


The ministry of the Christian Resource Centre continues to play a major role in Sherry's daily activities. This being the middle of the school year for many, young men and women have been using the Reading Room regularly in an effort to work on their term papers and thesis' for Bible Colleges throughout the area. One young man is focusing on "Leadership Is Not Just For the Church Leader But All Believers". Another is working on "Church History and the African Continent". It is exciting to be able to provide study materials and discuss various subjects with these young people.


The Source of Light Bible Correspondence School continues to reach out into the local community. We are nearing the 4,000 student mark. Sherry received a text message recently from a former student who testified to the help such lessons have served him over the years.


Wednesday evenings we continue in our series "That The World May Know". We are about to conclude the sessions on "Jesus The Messiah" and begin "Death and Resurrection". Some of the comments made: "These lessons have brought the Bible to life", "It helps us to understand the culture of the time in relation to our daily Christian life today".  Others have stated that "after certain passages over and over through the years, I am still learning new things from God's Word."


Dickson and Shadreck will graduate from their Construction Management course in a few weeks. They will then prepare for their Technical Examinations which will take place in a few months' time. Andrew continues with his studies in electrical engineering though a bit frustrated that not as much of his course work coincides with his computer engineering ambitions, at the moment. We heard from Nancy last night. She had just ended her day at Teacher's College and sounded exhausted. We are pleased that she has found her niche and is more convinced than ever that this is where she belongs.


Your prayers and support are deeply appreciated as we continue…


In His Service,

Patrick & Sherry