29 September 2005

Update on Cancer Surgery Review

Today (29th September 2005) has been a busy day! It started this
morning as I went to doctors' offices, labratories and clinics to pay
bills - lots of bills. Perhaps the hardest part about this cancer
stuff is the money it takes to get rid of it!
My last stop was the last surgeon's office. As I went to the doctor
this afternoon I felt really good. I knew there were several
thousand people praying for me. The surgeon looked at the
pathologists' reports (there were two), then he checked
out my neck and tongue. He said everything looks wonderful. There is
no sign of any cancer in any of the tissue, my neck is healing nicely
and my tongue is "coming back" to normal.
He doesn't want to see me for six months...unless I notice any
change. He said the cancer was in its earliest stage and there should
be no problem. I have my wife to thank for that. When I discovered
the "bump" on my tongue in early August Sherry insisted - with great
enthusiasm - that I go to the doctor immediately. I love her.
For those who had any criticism about my marrying Sherry eight years
ago - I owe her my life.
I thought you all ought to know what I think about her! She knows I
feel that way, but I like telling her anyway. Sharing it with you is
just plain fun! ;^)
In His Matchless Grace,
Luanshya, Zambia
(Temporarily in Johannesburg, South Africa)

21 September 2005

Blessings of the week!

Greetings from Luanshya!

Last Friday the College and Career Class studied Daniel 10 dealing with spiritual warfare. Wars, terrorism, assassinations—so often world events seem out of control. We are frustrated and frightened because of our inability to do anything to stop them. The last of four great visions given to Daniel presents God's perspective on world events. In the next few weeks the class will be comparing the prophecy with history. Students are beginning to realize just how real the Word of God is. Pray for them as they continue in their study.

On Sunday I went out to a rural village in Kafubu. Many of the people in this area are older and have actually retired from their work in town and gone "back" to farm. Most of them have not been on a farm their entire working career, but for some reason they feel drawn to the land and for their final days. I took a box of eyeglasses that was sent to us from Sunrise Church in Fresno, California and distributed them to the members in the church. The looks on their faces would have lightened anyone's heart, as they were able to read their own Bibles without strain. One of the men showed me his previous pair of eyeglasses. They had been glued together multiple times and were literally falling apart in his hand. I gave him a pair of wire-framed bifocals and he was simply thrilled beyond words. This small gesture helps us to show that we care enough about these senior saints to do whatever it takes to help them in their Bible study. Special thanks to those who contributed to this need.

Visits to the Christian Resource Centre have become a family affair, in some instances. This afternoon a father came in with his 20 something year-old son so they could read and study together. The father is studying "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Chapman. The young man is reading a book published by Focus on the Family. It is an adventure story that is aimed at high school students. The father wants his son to improve his reading so came in with him so they could spend some time together. It is very rare for a father to do this. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to make this a reality. There are quite a few mothers who come in with their daughters to do the correspondence lessons. Boys are bringing their brothers. Girls are bringing their sisters. Friends are bringing their friends. The library is busy every day. Please continue to pray for this ministry.

Footing pouredThis coming Sunday I will be in another rural church. The believers have just completed moulding the bricks for their building. They are in the process of building the kiln so they can burn the bricks before the rainy season begins. It is exciting to see God's people stepping out by faith and constructing their own building. Pray for the Word and pray for lives to be changed. Bricklayer at ChapelMeanwhile we have begun the foundation work for the chapel in town. Because it is in town the building codes are a bit more stringent so the work is slower - and more expensive. Please pray with us about this exciting venture!

Next week I go to South Africa for my first review with the oncologist following the removal of a malignant tumour on my tongue as well as the removal of lymph nodes in my neck. The last biopsy showed that there are no cancer cells remaining but a constant follow up regime must be maintained to ensure there is no recurrence. Please pray for the journey and for the doctors.

Thanks for your prayers!

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry