25 July 2007

Back in Luanshya

Greetings from Luanshya!

We are back in Luanshya after five weeks of visiting friends, family and local congregations in eastern USA. We were pleased to have the opportunity to present the Lord's work. One of the most frequent comments made was that people appreciate receiving the weekly updates. It makes them feel as though we have not been gone very long. We appreciate hearing that because the primary purpose of these little snippets is to keep people informed on what the Lord is doing in Zambia.

A few months ago we mentioned the fact that a laptop computer was stolen from the Christian Resource Centre. This week's update is actually being typed on a laptop that was given to us to replace that unit. Sherry has already loaded Bible software onto the computer and it will be placed and secured via heavy-duty cable and lock in the library tomorrow morning. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to those who have prayed for our "loss". The Lord has supplied.

Our schedule has resumed. On Sunday we were back for the regular Sunday services in the local fellowship. Sunday afternoon I met with brother Sakahundu for his continuing discipleship lessons. In a few moments we will be entering into our midweek Bible study. We will begin lessons from 2 Peter warning believers to beware of false teachers. I am due to meet with leaders from two of the other local churches to prepare the calendar for the upcoming evangelism seminars. All in all it is great to be home.

Shortly before our departure abroad, we were faced with the decision to have Stelia removed from the Lighthouse Children's Home. In spite of numerous warnings and hours of counseling, this girl had refused to obey putting herself in grave jeopardy. It was decided, with the local Social Services, to place her in the care and custody of extended family members that we did not even know existed. It is sad that she has forced this decision upon herself, but we cannot jeopardize the well-being of the other children in the Lighthouse Home. Please continue to pray for Stelia and the rest of the children who remain in our care.

Sherry is preparing for the next series of lessons with the high school class. Since school holidays begin in a week's time, this will be a great opportunity to possibly study the topic of "End Times". Along with the regular Bible study, we will show a series of films depicting what may take place immediately after the return of the Messiah. Please pray for the young people and the friends they bring along from school.

As mentioned earlier in this update, the primary purpose for sending this to you is to let you know what we are doing so you can pray intelligently about what the Lord continues to do in the land of Zambia.

Together in His Service,
Patrick & Sherry