18 April 2012

News from Zambia - 18 April 2012

18 April 2012

Greetings from Luanshya... again!

It has been an eventful few weeks and I am glad to be home again with Sherry, the "kids" and our colleagues in service here in Zambia.

I returned home on Saturday, 7 April, and preached the next day on Easter Sunday morning. It was great being able to preach about the risen Saviour - especially since His victory over death and the grave made it possible for us to celebrate a life rather than simply mourning a death. The rest of the week included meetings with the District Education Board, the director of Mobile Mission Maintenance and the District Administration Officer of Luanshya as well as the Bible study in Mukolwe Village. It was a busy and productive week. Next week I will be lecturing at the Gospel Literature Outreach Bible School in a 20-hour module on Biblical Stewardship. This is always a highlight of my year as I share God's principles of caring for the time, talent and treasure that He allows us to manage during our lifetime. Your prayers for these areas of ministry are deeply appreciate!

Meanwhile, Sherry's schedule is equally full with the Christian Resource Centre, the Source of Light Bible Correspondence School and the Youth Bible Study on Friday. There have been several church leaders and Bible school students coming into the CRC to read and study a variety of topics from prophecy to the life of Christ. One of the Bible school students had a question from his teacher asking why the apostles were "confused by the Great Commission." That question was confusing even to us. We aren't sure why his teacher found such a question. Such are the challenges for Bible school students. One older man has been coming in and reading through William MacDonald's Bible Commentary. He said he just wants to learn more.

Last Friday Sherry took her young people through the book of Isaiah. She compared the 66 chapters of the book to the 66 books of the Bible. After 30 minutes she told the class that time was up and they argued with her to keep going. It is amazing to see teenagers excited about a Bible study when so many people look for reasons to avoid them. Pray for Sherry's "kids" as they explore the book of Jeremiah this coming Friday.

The most amazing event of the week was the disappearance and recovery of Shareck's bicycle. On Sunday Shadreck parked his bicycle right in front of the church door. There were two young men sitting across the street from the church, but there are often people sitting on the side of the road and we did not think about it. While we were praying someone lifted the bike and carried it to the road then road off on it. We did not realise it was gone until after the service. Frankly, I thought the other boys were teasing him. The next morning one of the men saw Sherry and when she said she knew he had something to do with the theft he literally ran away. On Tuesday he returned to the CRC and begged us to listen to him as he explained that the other man stole the bike, but he knew where it was. I went with him and Shadreck and after driving for over an hour through the township near Luanshya we finally found the bike. Shadreck was overjoyed to have his bike back! (He is now working odd jobs to buy an chain and lock as well as repair to his bike. (It was partially cannibalised by the thief.) Tonight during the prayer meeting Shadreck thanked the Lord for allowing us to find his bike!

As I said, it has been a very eventful few weeks and the next few weeks promise to be equally busy. Thank you for your prayers and support as we remain...

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

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