28 July 2010

No Place Like Home

Greetings from Luanshya.

Be it ever so... dusty, there’s no place like home!

After spending a few weeks visiting friends and family, we are back in Luanshya and fully involved once more. Sherry and I were able to introduce each other to people we had known for many years but never met. I was also able to take Sherry back to Greenwood Hills Girls’ Camp where she has spent several summers as a counselor. One of the greatest blessings for her was not only to renew friendships but to see young ladies in positions of leadership that were campers the last time Sherry was there 13 years ago.

Since being home in Luanshya, we have both been busy in our various ministries. Those who utilize the Christian Resource Centre are very pleased to have the doors open again. As I walked in this afternoon, one man was doing a study of the Tabernacle while another had four books and a Bible in front of him taking notes for his Sunday message. Sherry is looking forward to her youth lesson this coming Friday. The lesson is on: “The Case of the Open Window Shade” from 2 Samuel 11.

I was out at the Kafubu Block Chapel both on Sunday and this Wednesday afternoon. I was able to make the delivery of one out of five donated bicycles for local evangelists. Brother Simwanza said he was speechless. Then said the bicycle was an answer to prayer and dedicated it to the Lord on the spot.

We were pleased to learn of progress at Fellowship Chapel. We have been concerned about the lack of the believers’ use of their spiritual gifts for the edification of the Body. They tended to relax knowing that we were close by. In our prolonged absence, however, they found themselves relying more on the Lord and seeking His wisdom in the daily reading of His word. They have come to understand that relying on the Lord is more important than relying on us. This is, of course, what we pray for each of the ministries in which we work. Seeing it happen is a great encouragement. Please continue to pray for recognition of spiritual gifts and use of the same.

We received word this afternoon from John and Sarah Bwalya that Sarah’s father had passed away four weeks ago. They were frantically trying to get in touch with us not being aware that we were away. The local church went to visit with the young couple and have been a support throughout the grieving period. We thank the Lord that His people have been a comfort. Continue to pray for Sarah and the family as well as John and Sarah’s possible transfer to town for teaching posts.

Again, we appreciate your prayers on our behalf for the work here in Zambia and beyond.

Together in His Service,
Patrick & Sherry

19 July 2010

News from Zambia - 26th May 2010

26th May 2010


Greetings from Luanshya, Zambia.


The rains are officially over and winter is setting in. Night time temperatures are down to a bone-chilling 50 degrees Fahrenheit and day time temperatures are only up to the low 80’s. Interestingly enough, this is colder than usual and our Zambian friends are complaining about the “cold.” Everything is relative!


Now that the rains have stopped the government has begun to fix several of the rural roads around Luanshya. This is a blessing because it means villages that took from 45 to 60 minutes to reach four weeks ago are now reachable in 15 minutes. This not only saves time, but helps on the wear and tear of the vehicle. We had to replace springs and shock absorbers on the Sportage last month and were more than a little surprised at the cost. Having a smooth road makes life – and ministry – easier! We appreciate your faithful support which makes these repairs possible!


The Youth Class on Friday is growing week by week. Every seat was taken last week and we will have to buy more chairs for the future. This is a GOOD problem! Sherry continues in her study of King David and the young people are finding character building lessons both in what David did and in what he should have, but didn’t, do. The young people are encouraged to ask questions and even the new comers are getting involved. They are still coming for the recreation, but they are staying for the Bible study.


This week I am teaching at the Gospel Literature Outreach Bible Institute in Kaniki (about 30 miles from home). The classes are scheduled in 20-hour modules from Monday through Friday so I leave home at 7 and return at about 2. Today there was a question and answer time so I was not home until almost 3, but I love teaching and the students are responding well. The school is entirely under the administration of Zambian leadership and it is growing in both the number and quality of students. It is always great to see local believers take the lead in reaching their fellow Africans for the Lord. This is, after all, what our goal was when we arrived in Africa 25 years ago!


Last night we had a meeting with the director of a Christian aid organisation called “Seeds of Hope.” They specialise in water and sanitation projects. Since water is a major concern in Zambia and proper sanitation is almost non-existent in rural areas, they have quite a task ahead of them. They have asked us to help them with logistics for several water projects and said they wanted suggestions for how to reach into the rural areas with the Gospel. We have two suggestions: Child Evangelism Fellowship (based in Luanshya) and the GLO Bible Institute mentioned in the previous paragraph. Providing clean water is always a great way to introduce ourselves into a new community and now we will be able to expand that area of ministry working in partnership with SoH.


We asked the Lord to open doors of opportunity for us 13 years ago. He has and continues to do so. Your partnership with us in this ministry makes this a reality. Thank you for allowing us to work with you for the Lord Jesus Christ.


In His Service,

Patrick & Sherry


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