17 September 2008


Greetings from Luanshya!

We recently received some contributions to assist those who are still recovering from the floods a few months ago. I walked through the Chipulukusu Township with one of the church leaders and he was astounded that people were still living in houses that were leaning at a 15 to 20 degree angle. We spoke to the men in the church and they said that the greatest need at this time of the year is protection against malaria.

Sherry and I purchased 40 insecticide treated mosquito nets and distributed them last week to members of the congregation as selected by the deacons.

They were considered to be the neediest. They included widows with young children, the elderly, the blind and the physically handicapped.

With Brother MusondaDuring the service one man suffered an epileptic seizure. Sometimes this can be confused for demon possession by those who do not understand epilepsy. We were pleased to observe that the members of the church carefully and lovingly carried the young man out of the building so he could rest under the shade of a tree outside. We were also pleased to notice that one of the nets was designated to this young man. Brother Musonda told us that this was a perfect gift and thanked us for the contribution. We are grateful to those who helped make this possible.

School has resumed and the children from the Lighthouse Children's Home have started their last term of the academic school year. Two of the children, Johnnie and Andrew, are taking major exams in a few weeks. The grade 7 exam will determine whether they continue in school and depending on the marks each child receives, which school they will be able to attend as different schools have various cut-off points. Pray for the boys as they prepare for this milestone.

Happy Kafula has been a regular user of the Christian Resource Centre since we opened. Several times a week he spends the morning preparing lessons for the youth group, seminars and leadership series. Last week he was asked to go and lead a new congregation in Nampamba, about two hours away from Luanshya Town Centre. He came to us with both excitement and disappointment.

He was excited about this new ministry opportunity, but disappointed that he would not be able to utilize the resources of the Christian Resource Centre.

He thanked Sherry, enthusiastically, for allowing him to prepare his life for ministry. Unbeknownst to him, we are in the process of preparing a small library of Christian literature which he will be able to take to him to his new rural home. Please pray for Happy as he ministers in this new field.

Whether we are helping those with specific needs or helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow, we are here doing what the Lord has asked us to do and we appreciate the role you play in our ministry.

In His Service,
Patrick & Sherry