05 April 2006

On a More Personal Note

Greetings from Luanshya!

A couple weeks ago I was asked why we seldom mention our health and personal items in our weekly updates. To be honest, there is usually so much going on that we trim a lot of the personal issues out in deference to speaking about ministry items. Having said that, let me give you a brief update on my medical review for cancer in South Africa last week. The surgeon was very pleased with the progress and said that there does not appear to be any recurrence "at this time". He did, however, double my prescription for one of the medications but said it was a precautionary action and that I should not be overly concerned. Well, the phrase "overly concerned" always causes some concern, but the surgeon did not appear to be worried and said I did not need to see him for another six months. The biggest bother I have right now is the fact that I broke my foot seven weeks ago so I am hobbling around Luanshya (with a "moonboot) or being chauffeured by Sherry. My visits have been curtailed to outlying villages because of I cannot drive. This annoyance will last for another three weeks. I appreciate your prayers. Sherry and Colin are doing well. Colin may have his steel plate removed from his leg some time in August.

Rains are coming to a close for the season. The storms are fewer but very fierce when they do pass through the area. Church leaders from outlying villages are able to visit and we are now setting up a number of meetings beginning in May. Please pray for us during this upcoming dry season. There are a number of projects and meetings we wish to hold and the leaders of the churches are eager to have extra training "on site".

We recently learned of the home going of a very dear friend of Sherry. This senior has been a supporter of the ministry for over 16 years. She left Sherry a legacy for the work of the Lord which we will be directing towards the correspondence ministry as both she and her late husband were instrumental in guiding Sherry towards this ministry 20 years ago. We thank the Lord for those who consider leaving behind something that will last for eternity!

At the request of several people in town, we will be re-showing "The Passion of the Christ" during the Passion Week. This coming Sunday I will be talking about Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday and the lessons he taught over the next few days leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection. Traditionally this is the time of year when people who never come to church will make a special effort. Please pray that the services in all the churches where we serve will be "fruitful".

Your part in our ministry is deeply appreciated.

Together in His Service,

Patrick & Sherry